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Google Assistant TicHome Mini Review

In concept, the TicHome Mini brings together of my favorite things — voice-controlled music and hot showers.

How so? It is a wise speaker however, excitingly adds a splashproof design and portability thanks to the rechargeable battery, into the mix.

This combination has only previously been matched by the pricier Ultimate Ears Blast, which plays for Team Alexa. And it got me dreaming about the wondrous possibilities a shower-based voice assistant: one which shoot reminders, would play podcasts, morning radio to with me and tell me about the day beforehand without pressing a button.

Actually? Though the TicHome Mini is a perfectly decent Google Assistant intelligent speaker, a few restrictive practicalities supposed it couldn’t quite match my unrealistic, bathroom revolutionising expectations…


The TicHome Mini is somewhat like a milder Google Home Mini that is wearing a wetsuit — it’s taller and a little wider, and has a rocky, rubberised finish.

It certainly feels as though it may take a couple of tears and looks more suited in a household full of kids compared to Google elegant alternative.

Where it differs from the speaker is using its controls of Google — rather than rely upon touch-sensitivity, it’s four buttons for power, volume up or down, and creep.

These work nicely enough and I found that the leather strap a useful improvement , particularly for hanging it in the shower.

Calling the TicHome’splashproof’ is underselling it it has an evaluation, which means it could handle strikes if not complete submersion.

But a design niggles begin to surface as soon as you’ve used the TicHome for a few days. It will not have any kind of battery indicator, other than a light when juice levels are crucial. This meant that I found myself talking to a TicHome on a few occasions and having a shower.

Nevertheless, you can fling music to it via Bluetooth, which is.


It’s true that you can speak to Google’s Assistant on a Android cellphone but there’s something when it’s an superior speaker and splashproof armour about toting this megabrain liberating.

By way of example, I used mine to assist with cooking timers in the kitchen, then wrapped it up in the bathroom for shower audio. Home Mini and the Echo Dot are speakers that are smart, but it’s annoying to need to pick one place for them to reside.

Unfortunately, despite its portability, that’s increasingly what I found myself doing using the TicHome Mini. That is because it doesn’t possess a fantastic battery life or the capability to handle it.

It asserts to last half an hour in standby mode (so without switching it off), however I found that the battery warning light flashing after only a few hours. Leave it and it’ll definitely be dead by the following day.

It is pity the TicHome Mini can’t automatically shut down to conserve battery. And it’d really benefit from a charging rack like the UE Blast’s discretionary one.

It sounds spectacularly lazy to imply that plugging in a microUSB cable is in any way hard, but the truth is that this (or rather, switching the TicHome Mini off then waiting thirty seconds for it to begin again) simply creates too much friction for you to use this wise speaker from the free and easy manner it promises.

Still, if you do leave the TicHome Mini plugged in somewhere, it is a decent option to the Home Mini, with the extra option of taking it . It will pretty much exactly what a House Mini can do, such as controlling your house, playing audio and answering trivia questions. However, it does partially compensate for this by sounding a whole lot better…


iRobot Roomba 980 review (Vac To The Future!)

IRobot’s Roomba vacuums have been around long enough now that they should really be running the world – or at the very least cleaning it. When they aren’t spinning tunes anyway

We may not quite be at that point but the Roomba 980 is wasted on maintaining your flooring of muck.

And no, we do not just mean placing it in charge of the songs to your next house party. Or becoming a mini Segway for the snappily-dressed pets.

It has serious brainpower, plays nicely with your smart phone, and won’t chuck itself down your stairs like a lemming, either.


A robot vac that can not keep on top of your home’s dust and grime is simply fit for the scrap heap, but don’t be fooled – .

That shouldn’t really be a surprise, though – it costs an $1250, placing it pretty much on par with Dyson’s 360 Eye.

Installation takes over a few minutes, and that is only if you fight with the fundamentals cardboard packaging. Get it stick it on its charging dock, and press Start. That is pretty much all you need to do – it’ll be scuttling within seconds across your floors, making a map of every chamber thus it won’t always butt your furniture as it goes.

It does to a cushioned front bumper, when it will hit anything, and you can be confident it won’t make the identical mistake a second time.

Regardless of it manages to cover the floor pretty well. It is set-up for a number of surfaces, raising its sucking power when on rugs and carpets, skating over floors and using its own retractable brush to perform the boards.

There’s a built-in’cliff detector’ so it will not go flying off the top of drops or almost any staircases.

Watching it is hypnotic. It would be jazz rather than big band if there was a soundtrack to its moves, although there’s some kind of algorithm within it that governs its path.

Given that you’ll be transfixed by it the first few times it does its own thing, it’s a wonderful bonus that it looks rather handsome, too — like a puck made by a comedic.

It is not all good news, though. Deep corners a zone brushed at front are much made by that round shape. It may have a low profile, but seemed afraid of the dark – or it refused to proceed under some furniture that was low.

It was given by thick rugs the runaround too, ignoring the rest of the room and convincing the detectors.


More positively, the iRobot app is excellent — you can use it to schedule up to seven cleans or manually start it running once you’re out of the home.

The’locate’ function is neat — it will tell you if it’s sitting on its dock or should be emptied. It’s not smart enough to perform the last of those, but it can only be a matter of time.

It comes with a couple connected’virtual wall barriers’ which keep it from penetrating your pets, or prevent it.


As far as robot vacuums go, the Roomba 980 is excellent. It does not make noise, looks fantastic, disturbs quite thoroughly, and is super-simple to use. Sense or suction of leadership might not fit the all-seeing 360 Eye of Dyson, but it comes near.

You will want to keep a close watch on it for the first few outings away from the charging dock, in case an errant sock or even dangerously low coffee table decides to throw a spanner in the works, and no-one’s develop an answer for the whole”emptying it when it’s full” item, but nevertheless: it will allow you to lock your usual vac in the cupboard until it is time to get serious spring cleaning.

Once it is learned the lay of the property (or the place of the living space, instead ) you can basically leave it to get on with business.

See — it should totally be running the entire world .


The Very Best Dashcams you Can Purchase for your car

Dashcams are currently becoming the newest must-have in-car tech for your ride. As you don’t want to publicise your road accidents like some Russian viral videos on YouTube, dashcams are becoming important car accessories, especially if you.

At the event that you get in an crash, your dashcam will provide you incontrovertible footage of what actually happened claim cases or to prove you are guilt-free in the collision. It’s also great to shield yourself against individuals who intentionally put into accidents to try and claim your insurance.

While there are a number of programs you can download to turn your smartphone nothing beats a model that is purpose-built. A number of these cameras take in full HD, may be fitted directly into the car’s power, and include a crash detection feature (sometimes called a G-Sensor) that automatically protects footage when it detects your car getting struck.

Below are a few of the dashcams readily available today and we think they’re worth your money.


Yi Action cams are converted into dashcams. So much so, the brand made a decision to launch a dashcam version that is specialised. The Yi Dash Camera shoots complete 1080p HD 60fps movie on a 165° ultra wide angle f/1.8 lens, so you’re able to catch the entirety your driveway, and it’s quite apparent at night too. It has built-in Wi-Fi, a movement triggered G-Sensor for the option and crisis recording to go ultra HD at 30fps. When driving it is small, lightweight and discreet.

The model here is in Chinese Though the UI is simple to use. The global version is bit expensive on the other hand.

Best for: Drivers on a budget who want a reliable dashcam.

The Pioneer ND-DVR110

An alternate budget dashcam assesses for dashcam features in all the boxes. It shoots video in 1080p full HD, includes a 2.7-inch LCD display on the rear and only records when it finds your car is moving. In parking mode, you will need to permit the parking tracking style (T-mode) to shoot a timelapse video to save memory space. You can also set it to record generally (P-mode) if you car is parked.

There’s a collision reaction unit that locks footage when a vehicle collision is detected by the dashcam. The ND-DVR110 will automatically lock the latter 20 seconds of the crash, saved into a file that is special and the footage of the 10 seconds.

Best for: Drivers who want extra features at an affordable price.

Transcend DrivePro 220

If you’re new to the dashcam thought, then obtaining an easy to use model like the Transcend Drivepro 220 should suffice. It’s been famous for its simple to use UI and good excellent video recorded out of its big f/2.0 aperture lens. There is Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity with your phone to stream, download and share videos recorded from the dashcam.

The Transcend DrivePro 220 also contains a movement G-Sensor that activates an emergency recording mode when it detects an effect. Footage recorded will be write-protected, even the very first couple of seconds before the crash. In case you want to protect footage of something important, there is a button on the side.

The DrivePro 220 comes with collision alert and lane departure warning, which may be disabled if it gets bothersome.

Best for: passengers purchasing their very first dashcam.


Want? Besides usual functionalities including Wi-Fi connectivity for advanced GPS tracking and live preview, the DDPai M6+ can record a mount that is cool, along with time-lapse when your car is parked. The mount is powerful enough to hold during an effect, while still being easily detachable in place manually.

Video records large as 1440p, and you can have a distant 10 second picture of whatever’s before you if you connect your smartphone and the M6 +. Additionally, it is so tiny that it’s ready to hide behind the rear view mirror, while being able to record both manners of your car.

However, it is a bit complex to use so it isn’t recommended by us for new dashcam users.

Best for: riders who need an tiny dashcam.

Vantrue N1

The Vantrue N1 is for those who desire a little dashcam, but need an LCD display without even connecting to your smartphone to examine photos and videos. Only as tall as a 9V battery, the N1 has bells and whistles but does its job as a dashcam.

1080p full HD footage is listed like license plates at 30fps and HDR for better viewing of shadows and details. The G-Sensor locks video, activates upon effect and arranges.

The N1 includes a car charger that is dual so you can keep the dashcam whilst charging your smartphone simultaneously, running.

Best for: passengers who need a dashcam having an LCD display.


Garmin Forerunner 30 Review

That’s no dig at either this Forerunner or its wearers — every time of year you resolve to begin running it’s a decision that is to be both supported by gadget-based motivation, applauded and, essentially.

The Forerunner 30 is the watch that has been simplified as much as Garmin can stomach of a runner. So while it is more involved than a Fitbit Flex, it’s also far more available than the Fenix.

But if you are, or plan to be, a road runner and that is it, the Forerunner 30 is a terrific, affordable alternative…

The Garmin Forerunner 30 layout is an instance of”when we add some colour, perhaps it’ll seem less ugly”.

Its face is a dumpy rounded-off rectangle lumbered with icons that would make most lifestyle wearable designers wince. Nevertheless, the vibrant, broad turquoise strap does take some attention away from what seems like something that should be hidden in a pocket, not shown-off onto a wrist.

The Forerunner 30 comes with slate and purple gray straps if turquoise isn’t your colour of choice. The strap comes up from the Forerunner 30’s glass surface, helping to conceal that it is actually fatter than it seems in many photographs.

When a number of the design components are correct, it makes you wonder why its face is still, well, just look in it. Looks-bashing aside, one significant element of this Forerunner 30 is that it does appear to be a hardcore run tracker. It is that suits the goals of the thing perfectly, more friendly, and more fuzzy.

The Forerunner 30 is also extremely easy to use. There’s no touchscreen, only four chunky buttonson each side.

The buttons on the left let you scroll through homescreens. These show you your heartbeat, alarms calories minutes that week and the stats of the activity.

Just use the Forerunner feels much like a mild and breezy step tracker. The screens flip by quite quickly also, and the Garmin Connect app lets you zap all these, making the interface easier.

You don’t have plenty of watch faces to choose from analogue or digital, but the screen of the Forerunner 30 is clear in daytime.

Like the other equipment of Garmin, it uses a transflective screen. It is always-on, and just gets clearer in bright light, unlike a LCD. At night you need to press one of the buttons to make it light up, but is fairly clear also.

We have been fans of Garmin’s displays for years, although there’s no colour light monochrome. Wearing a Forerunner 30 feels much like wearing a watch that is proper.

To start a task you press on the turquoise button on the ideal side, then once again to start the timer. That is it, no menu faff required.

There’s no need since the Forerunner 30 utilizes its Move IQ applications to gauge what we, to select the type of activity you do.

Move IQ finds its limitations when you head to the gym rather than staying outdoors. This one is created for the outdoors, although A less simplified tracker will let you pick from a range of activities. Nevertheless, it will change whenever there’s no sign to using accelerometer data for space or you are not moving.


The Forerunner 30 is more economical than it might initially seem. You get 24×7 heart rate tracking, although unlike some of the latest versions all of the time doesn’t actually run.

Additionally, it combats a bit with training. At times when it should have read 170-odd bpm, the Forerunner 30 displayed 150-something off. There is no way to connect a separate heartbeat sensor wirelessly. Think though it may be possible to have far better outcomes by sporting the watch tighter, if you demand great HR precision.

Out on the road, tracking is offered by the GPS of the watch, and the program shows your route . It’s easily good enough to satisfy most casual runners, although there’s some smoothing-off of your path.


Smarts need work. Getting this to work is a struggle, although this view can get notifications from the telephone.

The Forerunner 30 did not get notifications, to begin with. Following a day or two of fiddling around we refresh re-paired along with the watch. It worked once you scroll , but the Forerunner 30 now only receives fundamental alarms, and hangs.

Garmin Connect makes it seem like you may find all types of notifications on the Forerunner 30, but Garmin’s own site only mentions”fundamental” ones (SMS, calls). In any event, notifications have issues.

Our read may have affected but Garmin’s claim of five times of general use appears about right. Maybe 20-30 minute runs if you utilize GPS for short stints, you’ll still get the better part of a week’s use between charges.

It’ll last for up to eight hours of complete GPS monitoring, which can be on-par with the other trackers that are tiny of Garmin. The TomTom Spark 3 lasts for three months of life, or up to 11 hours , though for a watch and step tracker, so it doesn’t direct the area here.



That really depends on whether you’ll miss the bits chopped from the Forerunner 35 ANT + for setting up external sensors that are heart-rate, and also the ability.

You will if you use the fitness center instead of simply run out. You will, if you want to use a chest strap HR sensor. The HR sensor and higher intensity exercise struggle a little and the notifications need work.

But despite all of this, the Forerunner 30 remains a fantastic purchase in the event that you stick to outside running. It is a stripped down for that it’s a great option at this cost, and Garmin watch for sidewalk pounders that are casual.


Xiaomi Yi Action Camera Review

Xiaomi entered the funding action camera market with their product: the Yi Action Camera. Much like most of Xiaomi’s other products, the Yi is priced much lower than the competition — priced at only RMB 399, the Yi definitely is one of the cheaper action cameras now in the industry. However, did Xiaomi compromise quality to get the lower price?

Overall build quality is solid, but the lack of a display is a hassle

If you handled the newer GoPro models you will see the Yi is the same dimensions as the offering of the company. Put side by side, they nearly line up, enough you’ll be tempted to stuff it.

Contrary to GoPro’s somber black colors, the Yi sports vibrant colours that draw as it’s out and about, people’s gaze. The design is no accident — Xiaomi is clearly placing this as a lifestyle product, instead of the Hero line of GoPro that’s targeted toward thrill seekers. We’re already seeing a lot of individuals use action cameras (not only GoPros) as selfie cameras and camcorders, and it seems sensible that Xiaomi would want to tap this underserved market with a bright, attractive design. Xiaomi even ships the Yi Action camera using a optional monopod on their site.

There is three physical buttons round the body, and a total of 4 LED lights of the Yi one embedded in the power button, one near one for the WiFi the shutter on top and yet another one on the bottom of the device. The power button has been placed using the shutter right on top, in the Yi’s front. The change for the WiFi is located on the medial side.

The Yi compared to GoPro’s offerings’ difference is the absence of a LCD display. Since there’s no display, you’ll need to command and set the movie shooting modes through the Android app which you’ll need to set up from Xiaomi (it isn’t in the Google Play Store). You have limited control over the activity camera. Modes that are shooting can change out of video to picture by pressing the power button while the device is on, flip off and on WiFi and that’s it. The two LED lights around the top and bottom tell you if you are in video or photo style — you’re in video style, if they are on. The Yi is recording if they’re flashing.

The Yi does not ship with a watertight case. This limits the Yi’s use to no contact sports and actions, lest you break the lens from those Yi accidentally.

Mobile app is easy to use, if you can find the English version

The app that controls it is in Chinese, as of yet, since the Yi isn’t being marketed. Thankfully, the folks at the Xiaomi MIUI forums created an English translation to it, though for some reason that we downloaded is no more in the thread. We are re-uploading the app here within our Dropbox so it can be grabbed by people.

The program is simple to use, and shows each the modes of the camera. When compared with the GoPro that the Yi has significantly less shooting modes (no more 4K recording) although it can do superb slow-mo recording at 240FPS at reduced resolutions. It may also do 60 FPS recording on HD and HD resolutions .

The biggest problem we have with all the app is that there’s a lag between pressing the Yi actions camera and the button actually responding, which can be annoying especially when you’re trying to time your shots

Image quality is very good, particularly compared to other economical action cams

Picture quality for the Yi is rather good, with excellent balance, sharp contrast and good color reproduction. We shot the image above at night time, and the quality is good considering the cost as you can see.

While they shot and captured good, we had issues trying to view in slow-mo, as VLC showed them at normal speed while using a PC.

Worse, when trying to edit the video on Vegas, you’d have to adjust the slow-mo time. You are actually not seeing the slow-mo shot above’s true FPS, just our approximation of what it must look like.

Image quality is very good as well today, and it can go toe-to-toe along with action cameras out in the industry.

Battery life goes fast, especially when you’re shooting WiFi on

We had been disappointed with the overall battery life of the Yi, especially on. Our battery drained . The Yi’s 1010 battery pack isn’t up to the task of keeping the lights on with the WiFi on. Together with WiFi away, we managed to get 40 minutes of recording time around before the Yi gave up the ghost.

Verdict: Get it if you’re looking for an affordable action cam for everyday life

The Xiaomi Yi Action Camera is a fantastic device for people searching that they can take with them they’re out on a trip or with their significant other. Its own modes are fairly comprehensive, and it is a selfie machine that is great and cover nearly all usage scenarios. It is definitely not a rough and tumble action camera like the Hero show of GoPro is, even though it can rough it out if you purchase it a separate case.

While Xiaomi has priced the Yi Action Camera at just RMB 399 for its simple version, you are going to have to pony up more than that here in the Philippines. Since Xiaomi’s not officially offering it, it is being offered by online sellers at about Php 5K for the bottom product. At that price, its a little harder to justify since other devices are priced similarly, with instances to boot.

But if the Yi Action Camera is offered by Xiaomi Philippines officially, you better snap one .


5 Reasons Why Xiaomi Smartphones Are So Cheap

Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer that is pure and it’s been an year since it entered the Philippine Smartphone market in the past year July with its Xiaomi Mi3. Since then the Brand has rarely seen a downfall in its selling. Xiaomi has launched a number of its goods. Some of these are given below —

Xiaomi Mi3
Xiaomi Mi4i
Xiaomi Mi5
Xiaomi Redmi 1s
Xiaomi Redmi two
Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime
Xiaomi Redmi 5A
Xiaomi Redmi Note
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi 6
Xiaomi Mi4
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Xiaomi Mi4i
Mi Pad
Mi Band

Today the fact that is this new handling to market its products at such a low cost surprises and astounded everyone. Men and women think that its because China made products aren’t durable and the prices are reduced and other similar negative ideas. But now we will reveal the 5 Xiaomi Smartphones are really cheap.

Here are some reasons why Xiaomi Phones are cheap:

No Monetary Advertisements — Immediate Online Sale
The first and the foremost reason is that Xiaomi does no Advertisements at all. And that saves a it lots of cash. The company relies upon its social media system and Xiaomi Fan Group to spread the word mouth and that works.

In addition, the Brand doesn’t procedures the Middle Man (i.e. shopkeepers, retailers), it just focuses upon sale of its own products online through Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal and bit through offline stores such as The Mobile Store and Airtel Store. So there is no merchant margin and thus more of price cutting 20, so as it does not approaches retailers.

Xiaomi is Sold in Flash Revenue
Users and Xiaomi lovers have criticised the Flash Sale coverage of Xiaomi as it offers very less amount of merchandise which is able to fulfil the whole demand of its followers Now Flash Sales demand a restricted less inventory of products. So that means that the provider sells them immediately and just produces a fixed number of state 40,000 particular type of telephones, this helps to avoid the maintenance and storage cost of this stock.

Expansion Outside Regional Boundaries
To a customer base Xiaomi is selling its Smartphones with this. It has and is expanding its foundations in more and more countries. Currently its selling in nations such as — China. So its like making the saying of”Drops create an Ocean” come true, since there would be many more buyers so more”Drops” and it will form an”Ocean” with these”drops”.

Offering Low Prices — Inviting More Revenue

The Xiaomi Flagship Store in Mongkok, Hong Kong

Some businessman said — “If you’ll keep cost of product at state $ 180 if its manufacturing price is $100 and other vendors are offering the same product at comparable costs then you may have the ability to sell only a few countable number of products.

But if you price the identical product at $110 while the other sellers continue to market at higher prices then the consumer needs to your products will rise so high that eventually you’ll understand that you’re making more money than the other vendors even after selling at a lesser margin because your sale is much more than of their products.”

The case is with these products offered by other comparable brands at prices that are substantially higher and the products of MI.

Because Of Xiaomi Partners
One firm, its a very less known fact that in the Brand’s partners was Qualcomm. And Qualcomm is world renowned for its mobile chips. So as Brands such as MI uses Qualcomm processors and Xiaomi gets the same chip at cheaper prices than those of other brands, is able to maintain its production cost much lower than them.


Xiaomi seems no where in a mood to stop right now and has just started is success travel. All what everyone is currently eyeing to find that which is going to be are to be defeated by people of magnificent devices provided by the brand new.